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How being authentic impacts on our mental wealth

Talk Outline

Developing self-awareness to understand who we really are takes kindness and compassion. Being able to show that authentic self to others, especially within our place of work can be uncomfortable and downright frightening! Often, if we are experiencing negative emotions, we will hide behind a mask which in turn has a detrimental effect on our mental wealth. If we are not aware of, or do not take responsibility for our own inauthentic self, as a leader what we project outwardly to others could have serious consequences for both our own and team members’ behaviour and, ultimately, performance. 

Key Takeaways

- Exploring our own mental wealth

- What does it mean to be authentic?

- How do I become an authentic leader?

- Tools and tips for self-reflection

- How to be kind and compassionate to ourselves

About Ruth Cooper-Dickson

Ruth Cooper-Dickson founded Champs, the global wellbeing consultancy, after suffering from burnout and realising how little mental wellbeing support there was – and still is – in City workplaces. Her vision for Champs is to ingrain a culture of positive mental wealth and to make wellbeing more relevant, personal and fun for all employees, as well as a business asset in an ever-changing work environment. In the last five years, Ruth has become a respected thought leader in mental health, from publishing articles on positive mental wellbeing in the workplace, to delivering keynotes and speaking at high-profile events. As well as being a positive psychology practitioner and coach, she is also a patron of the national charity, No Panic. In 2018, she climbed the Atlas Mountains for MHFA England to raise money to train 100 youth expedition leaders in Mental Health First Aid so that they can provide life-changing adventures to young people with mental health issues. 

Ruth believes that championing wellness at work requires more than mid-morning yoga or fruit baskets in the breakroom on Fridays, and she's on a mission to ensure that leaders and their organisations have the skills, insight and support they need to make a meaningful dent in workplace mental health. When she's not busy changing the world, you'll find Ruth out for a run, having fun with her family, and maybe partaking in the occasional Netflix binge - because it's all about balance!


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Any profits from this event will be donated to Jersey Recovery College.