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Photo of General Sir Peter Wall

General Sir Peter Wall

Sir Peter was the chief of the British Army from 2010 to 2014. His early service in the Royal Engineers took him to Rhodesia, Germany, Belize and Hong Kong. Subsequently he served on operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. After a spell in the equipment procurement world he set up 16 Air Assault Brigade in 1999 to develop concepts for employing the Apache helicopter, the Army’s most potent weapon system. As commander 1st Armoured Division in 2003 Peter was responsible for the stabilization of Basra after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Latterly he was director of operations in the Ministry of Defence, responsible to the Chiefs of Staff and Ministers for UK operations worldwide. As Chief of the General Staff from 2010-2014 he led Army 2020, the reduction and redesign of the Army following the Cameron defence cuts.

Photo of Dr Alessio Agostinis

Dr Alessio Agostinis

Photo of Matt Bird

Matt Bird

Photo of Aaron Chatterley

Aaron Chatterley

Photo of Mark Cox

Mark Cox

Photo of Dr Jeremy Cross

Dr Jeremy Cross

Photo of Max de Bourcier

Max de Bourcier

Photo of Wendy Dorman

Wendy Dorman

Photo of Penny Ferguson

Penny Ferguson

Photo of Colonel Harry Fullerton

Colonel Harry Fullerton

Photo of Julie Garbutt

Julie Garbutt

Photo of Carol Graham

Carol Graham

Photo of John Harris

John Harris

Photo of Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan

Photo of Senator Ian Gorst

Senator Ian Gorst

Photo of Allan Leighton

Allan Leighton

Photo of Colin Macleod

Colin Macleod

Photo of Phil Male

Phil Male

Photo of Sir John McColl

Sir John McColl

Photo of Rob Noble

Rob Noble

Photo of Jean Oelwang

Jean Oelwang

Photo of Dr Wendy Orr

Dr Wendy Orr

Photo of Dr Jonathan Passmore

Dr Jonathan Passmore

Photo of Dr Eve Poole

Dr Eve Poole

Photo of Tracy Sinclair PCC

Tracy Sinclair PCC

Photo of General Sir Peter Wall

General Sir Peter Wall

Photo of Jeremy Watkins

Jeremy Watkins

Photo of Chris Brindley

Chris Brindley

Photo of Sir David Henshaw

Sir David Henshaw

Photo of Michelle Johansen

Michelle Johansen

Photo of Emma Pannenborg

Emma Pannenborg

Photo of Katherine Salt

Katherine Salt

Photo of Graham Scrivener

Graham Scrivener

Photo of Mark Spelman

Mark Spelman

Photo of Richard Summerfield

Richard Summerfield

Photo of Hazel Thomson

Hazel Thomson

Photo of Alexis Wintour

Alexis Wintour